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On every truck that I purchase for resale we are committed to making sure that when a truck leaves our shop we have done our best to refurbish a great used truck. We have a check list of over 100 items the shop goes thru. We make sure the heater works, see to it the A/C blows cold, replace windshield glass if needed, install new wipers, grease and check the trans and rears oil levels, the tires are pressure checked, lugs nuts torqued, a full DOT inspection of all the safety items is performed and all failed items are repaired or replaced. Every engine gets an oil change and we take an engine oil sample on every truck, If there is a serious problem with the engine it’s fixed. Air filters are replaced, DEF filters are cleaned or replaced, antifreeze is tested and adjusted to -40, fan belts and hoses are inspected and replaced where needed, the underneath of the truck is inspected for dangling hoses and wires and fixed where needed. The interiors are detailed and all broken items like dash vents, gauges, arm rests and etc are all replaced. Also, as one final check, we test drive every truck to make sure we haven’t missed something. With my background on trucks and trailers I feel that I know what a truck buyer wants in a used truck, my staff and I are here ready to tackle whatever it takes to get you into a good used truck that you can be proud to drive home. I can remember what it was like when I bought my first truck like it was yesterday, it was little scary. So, for those first time buyers out there, come see me, I and my staff will walk you thru it like I have with many others, I can guarantee you my staff and I will do our best to make it a memorable experience for you too. Look forward to meeting you, Harry Colborn , pres

  Year Manufacturer Category Model Serial Stock City State Zip Country Updated Price  
2007 Ditch Witch 1330H 2007 Ditch Witch Trenching Equipment 1330H CMW1330HE70001250 1854 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $5,500.00
2007 Ditch Witch 1330H 2007 Ditch Witch Trenching Equipment 1330H CMW1330HP70001317 1855 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $5,500.00
2008 JCB 3CX 2008 JCB Backhoes 3CX 910567 7053 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $59,000.00
2008 JCB 3CX 2008 JCB Backhoes 3CX 911905 7049 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $55,000.00
2007 JCB 550-140 2007 JCB Forklifts 550-140 JCB5AGKGE71197438 7094 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $39,950.00
2006 JCB 550-140 2006 JCB Forklifts 550-140 5CP5AGKG5E1186053 7093 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $45,000.00
2008 Stone 65CM 2008 Stone Asphalt/Concrete Equipment 65CM 132008221 1570 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $2,995.00
2014 JCB 8018CTS 2014 JCB Excavators 8018CTS 2333031 1906 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $14,500.00
Photo Not Provided 2014 JCB Excavators 8018CTS 2333065 1907 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $14,500.00
2005 Hydro-ax 871 2005 Hydro-ax Logging Equipment 871 HAG00182 4534 Rifle CO 81650 01/30/2017 $180,000.00
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