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2015 Other ROOT-N-ALL

2015 Other ROOT-N-ALL
2015 Other ROOT-N-ALL
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Justin TX, 76247 US
Features: Here is a great new attachment that is really taking off on the brush clearing industry. Give us a call if we can answer any questions or help you more efficiently clear your land!!! You wont be disappointed. Give me a call to quote shipping a price or answer any questions. Thanks for taking a look at this great new attachment!!!


The ROOT-N-ALL™ grubbing attachment was designed in 2010 by two professionals within the land clearing industry in South Texas. Primarily battling the abundance of unwanted, water-sucking cedar trees through the use of mulching machines, they also had their fair share of pesky mesquite and wesatch to conquer. After seeing amazing results through the use of a grubbing attachment on an excavator, ROOT-N-ALL™ was born out of the need to provide the private land owner with the power to manage his own land with his own machine. And, with these persistent trees that keep coming back, the answer was not to mulch, doze, or douse with chemicals – they knew they had to give the consumer the ability to grub small vegetation out by the root.
Universally Effective
There is a wide range of skid-steer loaders on the market today, and their popularity continues to grow tremendously as businesses as well as private land owners can easily obtain them to perform a variety of functions. The ROOT-N-ALL™ is a universal grubbing attachment, meaning it can fit on an extensive variety of skid-steer makes and models. We recommend at least a 40 HP skid steer or larger to be able to grub vegetation efficiently. Of course the larger the machine the more pulling power you will have due to a higher operating capacity.
Doing it the “Green” Way
After witnessing and researching the variety of options land owners across the U.S. have for clearing their land, it was important for the founders to present a more environmentally friendly method with ROOT-N-ALL™. The act of grubbing small nonnative perennial vegetation instead of treating it with chemicals is the “green” way of achieving and maintaining cleared property or restoring old pasture land. The ROOT-N-ALL™ will also save owners money in the long run due to the high cost of chemical treatments repeated over and over again.
2 Pulling Point Grubbing System
The patent pending 2 pulling point system of the ROOT-N-ALL grubbing attachment is the first of its kind in the skid steer grubbing market. Our system allows the operator to continue with the traditional grubbing method while applying additional pressure on the above ground portion of the tree. When grubbing vegetation out of the ground the hardened steel pincer arms have interlocking teeth that grip and stabilize the vegetation in order to maximize the pressure on the v blade below the surface.
The Pincer Arm Advantage
Not every pull is successful as some vegetation is more stubborn than others and may break off above the bud zone. Unlike grubbing buckets of the past this is where the true value of the pincer arms take effect. Using the pincer arms the operator can now grab hold of the broken tap root and twease it out of the ground ensuring a 100% kill. The pincer arms also give the operator the ability to hold the vegetation in place while shaking dirt off the root system allowing it to fall back in the grubbed hole before placing it in a pile. This keeps ground disturbance to a minimum and allows your piles to be clean and dirt free.

Q. WHAT SIZE TREE IS THE ROOT-N-ALL CAPABLE OF REMOVING?A. The attachment was designed to remove small trees and vegetation by the root up to 3 inches in diameter at the base of the tree. Size of machinery, operating capacity, and soil conditions will also play a role in determining what size tree or vegetation can be grubbed. While there are times when you can pull larger trees you will start to lose efficiency at the 3 inch mark. Therefore we DO NOT recommend exceeding 3 inches in diameter at the base of the tree.
Q. WHAT KIND OR SIZE SKID STEER IS BEST FOR THE ROOT-N-ALL? A. The ROOT-N-ALL is a universal skid steer attachment. We recommend any skid steer with a minimum 40 HP engine for optimal pulling power and tree removal efficiency.
Q. WILL THE ROOT-N-ALL WORK IN ROCK? A. Yes, it will work in moderately rocky soil. However, it can be hard on machinery and attachment when working in heavy large rock.
Q. WHERE CAN I GET REPLACEMENT PARTS? A. A parts list will accompany the owner’s manual upon purchase of the equipment. You can order your parts directly through us or visit an authorized ROOT-N-ALL dealer in your area. Some parts can easily be obtained at your local parts store. We did this to decrease any downtime that you may encounter.
Q. IS THERE A WARRANTY ON THE ROOT-N-ALL? A. Yes, there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.
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